Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prayer to Isis on Her Epagomenal Day

Inetch hri-k, Aset nebet heh, Isis, Hent neteru, Neteret em aysh rennu, tcheser hekau. Homage to thee, Isis, Eternal Goddess, Queen of the Gods, Goddess of many names, who is holy of magic. We greet the on this day of your birth. May You bless us with your divine Light as the Moon strengthens from New.

Inetch hri-k, Aset Nebet ayat, Mut neteru, Nebet Re-a-nefer, Isis-Nebuut, Nebet Sekhet, Nebet Besidet, Hent Neteru. Homage to thee, Great Lady Isis, Mother of the Gods, Lady of Re-a-nefer; Isis-Nebuut, Lady of Sekhet, Lady of Besidet, you are Queen among the Gods!

You are the Netrit (divine One), Uayti (only One), greatest of the Neteru, Rayet (female Re), Heruet (female Horus), Iakhut (the Eye of Re), Imeset Re-Heru (the Crown of Re-Horus). In your form of Sepdet, you are the opener of the Year, and the Lady of the New Year. You are the maker of sunrise, Lady of Heaven, and the light-giver of heaven. You are the Lady of the North Wind, Queen of the South and the North, and Nebet Ta-aha (Lady of the solid earth). You are the giver of all good things: life, green crops, bread, beer, abundance, joy, and love. You are the Creatrix of the Nile Flood that renews the Black Land for the coming year, renewing its fertility as you raise your Lord Asar to new life! Beautiful Goddess of the words of power, we ask that you renew our lives within us in this New Year, and teach us to find joy, abundance, and all good things at your hands.

As Sepdet, the light-giver at this Season, you are known as Khut, and as Earth Goddess in your power, your name is Wasert, and as the Great Goddess of the Underworld, your name is Thenenet. As Sati, you cause the Nile to rise on the Night of the Drop, when your tears fall upon the upper cataracts and your cries of mourning move Hapi to open the gates of the Nile. As Anqet, you bring the fertility back to the Black Lands along with the Flood, and as Ankhet and Sekhet, you bring new life to the fields of wheat and barely. At harvest time, you are Renenet, golden goddess of plenty. At the temple of Tchefau, you rule as Tchefet, who offers food to the Gods. And as Great Lady of the Underworld, Amenti, you serve to judge the dead as one of the Two Ma’ati who stand beside Asar Khentimentiu. You surround us in all your power, Nebet Aset, giving life and rebirth to all who come to you. We honor you on this, your day, Hent Aset, ankh djet.

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