Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prayer to Heru-Ur on his Epagomenal Day

Hail to you Heru-Ur, Horus the Elder, Lord of the Two Eyes of Heaven, Lord of the Face of the Sun, as your twin, Set, is the Face of the Night. You, who are Heru-ur Nesu, Lord of the South in your seat of Maykhenut, and Heru-ur Bati, Lord of the North in your seat of Sekhemt, hold the Uatchti, the two Eyes are the Sun and Moon.

Watch over us with your bright eyes through the hours of the day and night, as you sail with Re in the Wia nehehe, The Boat of a Million Years. You are the winged Sun disk surrounded with the two uraei, which are Nekhebet and Uatchit, which stands guard over all temples. Protect us with the Winged Disk when you are Heru-Khenti-in-Maati, Blind Horus with no eyes to see our peril.

Your shrine of Pa-Ayit preserves the shoulder of Osiris in Sekemt, guarded by the two trees, Nebes and Shent. You walk the Two Lands in the form of a Lion, protecting us from evil. At Ombos, you are Neb Nubti, Lord of Two Golds, where your consort Ta-sent-neferet bears the young Sun, Pa-neb-taui, son of the Lord of the Two Lands.

From Giza, you stand as Heru-Khuti, Horus of the Two Horizons, in the form of the Great Sphinx, watching your travels with Re from Bahkau, the Mountain of Sunrise, to Manu, the Mountain of Sunset. You are Heru-khuti-Tem, Lord of the Two Lands of Iunu, and as Heru Behutet, the protector who prevails in the power of the Sun at midday.

At Edfu, you are Lord of the Forge, where your mesniu [smiths] run the mesnet [foundry] to make the iron weapons you need to defeat the forces of chaos. You who chase Re’s enemies riding the Winged Disk, protect us from evil and harm during the day, and protect Re from the forces of Apep as he travels through the Dwt to be reborn.

As you rise from Bahkau as Heru-khuti-khepera, to shine forth at midday as Heru-Khuti, and to end the day as Heru-Khuti-Atem, who sets in the West by Mount Manu, watch over us. May your left eye, the Moon, watch over us at night. Defy the forces of Apep as Heru-Behutet, when you pass through the hours of the Night. We greet you on your day of birth, Horus the Elder, ankh djet.


  1. This is a beautiful prayer that I used tonight for my invocation to Heru Ur. Thank you for it.

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