Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Using the FOI Mystery Dramas

The next question many people have is, "How do I use the mystery dramas?" This can especially be a problem for those who are solitary and not part of a group, since most of the dramas call for a substantial cast of people. The answer is, "You can use them any way that you want, but with caution."

The mystery dramas create a psychic altered state for those who participate, such that in the meditation segment you are more open to receiving spiritual guidance from the Gods, or from guides, to seeing visions or hearing things that are important to your spiritual development. This is called, "Receiving the Mystery." Each drama acts as a form of initiation, turning your consciousness inward to contemplating the mystery the individual received. No two individuals will likely receive the same message, which is why many dramas include a session of sharing information at the end.

So again, if you're solitary, what are you to do? One thing is to do the drama by yourself, doing all the parts. You can create the space to achieve the mystery yourself, especially if you do your homework on the drama and create the sacred space to suit the drama. Another is to do the ritual by attunement with others; various groups frequently do the dramas and invite others to work with them on the astral plane. Surprisingly, it works rather well.

If you have a group, it's easier to do the dramas as written, but it still pays to do your homework. What do I mean by that? Essentially, you should spend some time studying the symbolism, myths, and other elements of the drama to understand where they come from and what they mean. That tends to make your chances of receiving a powerful spiritual insight greater, and that it will be more likely something that you will understand.

You can do the dramas at any time of the year that you want; the times associated with the rays and the dramas is a suggestion based on the resonance the drama has with a particular energy. The dramas may be more powerful if done when they are designated, but not necessarily. I've done them at various times and had similar experiences throughout. But I've also had a lot of practice doing them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the dramas on the physical plane of the Cosmic Web diagram are intentionally easier to access and understand than the dramas as you go inward on the spiral. That being said, Lady Olivia recommends that you study the dramas and decide which ones are calling out to you. You can, for instance, choose to study the dramas along a single ray because the psychic energy appeals to you; all the dramas on a given ray are linked energetically. You can move around the spiral inward toward the center or outward toward the physical plane, if you choose. The whole point of the FOI system is non-hierarchical flexibility to suit your own spiritual growth.

Priests and priestesses have some experience of the dramas, and can help those who choose to participate get in tune with the energy; however, assisting people to achieve the mystery of the dramas is the particular job of the hierophants. The word, "hierophant," means, "one who shows forth." The hierophant has been specifically called to work with the mystery dramas, and to act as a spiritual guide or psychopompos to assist individuals in achieving the altered state that the drama creates. They're also there to help you if you get into a difficult space or need assistance getting grounded again afterward.

So if you really want to work with the dramas, contact one of the lyceums (which are run by a hierophant) and ask them for assistance. They can help you determine how to accomplish the job and give you advice and pointers on where to go with it.

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