Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moving on to the Etheric/Astral Plane of the Cosmic Web

At the end of the rituals in Dea, we completed a revolution around the spiral of Tiamat that completes our journey on the Physical plane. Next we step into the book, Urania, to begin to explore onto the Etheric/Astral or second plane inward. First we need a break point to shift gears from the physical to the next higher level of frequency here. So there are two Cosmic rituals provided, #9 is Space Magic on the Green Ray, then #10 is Time Magic on the Blue ray. These lead into the planetary mysteries that comprise the remainder of the Urania book.

So first we starts with the Sun Magic of the Life Force, #11, on the Indigo Ray. Paralleling #11 is #12, Lunar Magic of the Tides on the Violet ray. Third, we have #13 Earth Magic of Transformation on the White Ray associated with Yule and North. Note that each of these "planets" is associated with a particular Ray: Inner Sun with Indigo, Moon with Violet, and Earth with White. This pattern gets carried forward into the next set of planetary rituals that proceed inward along the cosmic web diagram.

Now we begin to move further into the planets with #14, Magic of Mars and the Morrigan on the Red Ray. So Red is associated with Mars. The next one is #15, Magic of Venus and Vishnu on the Orange Ray. So Orange is associated with Venus. Number 16 is on the Yellow Ray, and is the Magic of Mercury and Sophia. Thus Yellow is associated with Mercury.

These color associations are not an accident. More aggressive energies fall onto the Red Ray, the energies of Love fall onto the Orange Ray, and the energies of knowledge and though fall onto the Yellow Ray, in line with the character of the planets assigned there.

Moving back to the Green Ray (Expansiveness & Fertility), we meet the Magic of Jupiter and Hathor at #17. We've now come around to where we start onto the Mental plane of the spiral of Tiamat. And the first planetary ritual there is #18, on the Blue Ray (Limitation, Peace), the Magic of Saturn and Astarte. Indigo amps Blue up a notch in Spiritual power, and so we have #19, the Magic of Uranus and Sarasvati. Finally, we reach #20, on the Violet Ray (High Spirituality), the Magic of Neptune and Ngame.

This completes the planetary rituals and gets us around to the White Ray at the top again to start the Zodiacal rituals in Sophia. We will cover those next time.

The planetary rituals are harder in the sense that they take more preparation than the physical plane dramas and require more of the student's focus to do well. It's important to be familiar with the colors, symbols, myths, and other elements of these rituals to get the full mystery out of them. They tie the planets to the rays as follows:

White Ray:   Earth and Pluto
Red Ray:      Mars
Orange Ray: Venus
Yellow Ray:  Mercury
Green Ray:   Jupiter
Blue Ray:     Saturn
Indigo Ray:  Inner Sun and Uranus
Violet Ray:  Moon and Neptune

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