Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday into Tuesday

Who says I lose time? Moi? Well, it's actually true; I spend a lot of time keeping up with my doctoral classes online, and then trying to keep up with everything else afterward. Since I work at night a lot, that means that days tend to flow together a bit. Oh, well, temporal stability is overrated.

I was thinking again today about our tendency to fixate on our physical bodies here on Earth. While it is true that we incarnate to learn the lessons that physicality can teach us, the larger part of who we are remains energetic, spiritual, and more. Through the extent of our energy fields in both time and space, we link with everyone with whom we have interacted, no matter how superficially, in this life and in all other lives. Consider it an aspect of the Great Web of Life, or the Tapestry of History.

Ever wondered what happens to those threads the Fates spin, measure, and cut? Energy is neither created nor destroyed, those threads must go somewhere! My sense of things is that Athena, Neith, and all the other weaver-goddesses, take our threads and weave them into the infinite loom of existence. Knowing where we are at a particular place and time—now, for instance—gives us a starting point to flow through the web and see those many connections we have with all living beings.

I use a meditative device to prepare my consciousness for such a journey. I begin by breathing in, then visualizing opening my root chakra on the out breath. Next in breath, I flow the energy up my spine, and open the sacral chakra, then the solar chakra on the out breath. Next in breath, I open the heart chakra, then the throat chakra, then the 3rd eye, and finally my crown chakra. I use the next in-and-out breath to extend my energy awareness above and below my body, anchoring myself in the center of the Earth, and in Infinity out to space. (You can use the center of the galaxy, if that has more meaning to you.)

Once I've established the infinite extension of my energies in the long direction, I bring my awareness back into my heart chakra, then extend my energies out to infinity to the left and right on the next out breath. Back to the heart chakra, and extend my energies to infinity forward and backward on the next out breath. Then I use my breath to circulate the energy in all directions, visualizing myself connected with all time and all space.

You can draw the energy sphere back down close to your body for personal protection, or to feel layers in your own energy field. However, once I've made the connection to the infinite sphere, I shift my attention to my place in the moment as a crossing point in the Web of Life. From this perspective, I can see threads of connection going off in all directions, and can choose to follow them, or can send out a blessing or vibration of Peace to everyone through those connections. That energy then flows outward to everyone everywhere—and since I am connected to the energy of Infinity, there is no loss of energy for me as an individual.

Like yoga, it takes a bit of practice to coordinate the visual elements of this with the flow of breath, and you may have a technique you like better. Just remember that you can always send love, peace, and harmonious blessings outward throughout the Cosmic Web whenever you choose to visualize the infinite Now.

Blessing to all of you,

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