Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running with Sekhmet

Two forms of Sekhmet
In ancient Egypt, Sekhmet was considered the daughter of Ra, one of his eyes, and the dispenser of divine justice. You could say that Sekhmet is the Goddess who dispenses karma, who ensures that justice is served. She is a lioness, and a Goddess of fire and power. Her hieroglyph contains a baton that served as the symbol of power for the Nome governors, indicating that her power and authority comes from the highest source—Ra, whose avatar was the Pharaoh, called the Son of Ra.

I have learned a meditation for running with Sekhmet, which allows me to release rage, pain, anger, hatred, and other negative emotions in which we all get tangled from time to time. The advantage of running with Sekhmet is being able to turn these negative emotions over to Her, knowing that She will see that divine justice is served accordingly. Once released, I no longer have to carry the negativity because I know that karma will take care of whatever caused me such pain.

To run with Sekhmet, visualize the savannah of Africa. It is hot, fiery summer, with the long grass fading to golden. You find Sekhmet lounging in the shade of a banyan tree, waiting for you to join Her.

You find that your body shifts to leonine form, matching Sekhmet’s. A sense of power and control runs through you, helping you to control the emotions raging through you and bringing joy in their wake. You roar your request to Sekhmet to take the negative emotions from you, and turn them into karmic justice appropriate to their cause. In your roaring, you release the negative energy, and watch its red fire flow into Sekhmet’s eyes.

She brushes by you, a big cat acknowledging one of Her pride. You brush back, feeling the love She has for you, and a sense of peace comes over you. She huffs at you—a lion smile—and takes off into the grass. You follow, running to keep up with Her. You feel the fire of the Sun beating down on you, burning off the negative energies you carry, and filling you with light, power, and control.

Sekhmet shines brighter than the Sun, and you realize that you are shining also. The eye of Ra is upon you, and you realize that you are also a daughter or a son of Ra, as is Sekhmet. You, too, carry divine justice within yourself, and the working out of karma is part of what you are present in the physical world to accomplish. Sekhmet turns Her fiery eyes upon you, and acknowledges the link that you have with Her.

You are the lion, Child of Ra!
As lions of fire, as a pride of power, you run through the savannah with Sekhmet. Joy fills your heart as you realize She loves you, Ra loves you, the Universe loves you. Peace settles over you, and your Heart is clear and whole again. The negative emotions that you carried have lifted from you, like fog is burned away by the warmth of the Sun.

You have returned to the banyan tree, to the cooler shade where you began your run. You lay in the long grass, panting from the exertion, the heat, and the transformation. Sekhmet rubs Her cheeks against yours, welcoming you to your Great Pride. You relax, and rest in the shade of peace and power.

When you are ready, you return to your natural form, and return to awareness of the physical world. The peace, joy, and power stay with you, as does the regard of the Goddess Sekhmet and Her father, Ra. Go out into the sunshine, and sing praises to the Goddess and God, and feel the powerful warmth of the Sun fill your being. You are healed of the negative emotions that were tearing you down.

You now know that you can trust in the universe to work out the karma, as it needs to happen. You are no longer tangled in its web, but a piece of the puzzle of how it works out in the world. You are a powerful being, with strength to let things go that do not serve your spiritual growth. Roar your joy to the Sun, and be at peace.

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  1. Very nice guided journey, Michael!
    Truly alight with Sekhmet's passionately fierce devotion to Her own.