Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journaling 2012 Project

I woke up this morning with a scathingly brilliant idea for looking at the 2012 spiritual growth phenomenon and wanted to share it with—and recruit—you. We've had several years of discussions and publications promoting the idea that the end of the Maya calendar on December 21st, 2012, will issue in a new period of spiritual enlightenment, peace, and possibly earth changes, and we are on the threshold of the final acceleration. So I would like to propose we do the following:

Starting on Wednesday, 21st December 2011, let's begin a journaling project. Each day for the next year, let's record any dreams, intuitions, psychic phenomena, insights, or even mundane occurrences that happen day by day to see just how the final year of the Maya calendar plays out. I would invite anyone who wants to participate to do so, and I will take the journals at the end of 2012, synthesize our results and publish them as a book recording how the year plays out. You see, I fully expect that we will still be here in 2013, and am willing to put my money and my skills in scientific analysis where my mouth is. <grin>

What I'm hoping to see is a month-by-month comparison of types of spiritual/psychic phenomena from which we can see whether or not the "final acceleration" is taking place, as well as to identify individual experiences that are key growth factors for people. When you give me your journals at the end of 2012, indicate which, if any, experiences you're unwilling to share, and I will respect your privacy in the matter. As a psychologist, I'm fascinated by the prospects of this to see real insight into the spiritual growth of individuals during an identified "key year," and as a psychic and world-class procrastinator myself, it will force me to record my own experiences. A win-win for everyone!

Some of us are already having dreams and visions that may lead to growth during the coming year. Let's be proactive and share them for prosperity! The more people who choose to join and journal, the richer the experience will be for everyone involved. At the end of the year, when I synthesize the material, I will publish the results through Lulu, the online press that I use, for either download or purchase as a book, keeping the costs to the minimum possible. I don't intend to make anything off of this, only to gain the experiences, and make the results as widely available as possible.

I will also form a Facebook group where we can share our experiences in real-time with one another, and hope to see you there. What do you say?

The Right Reverend Michael A. Starsheen, Archpr. H., Archdr., GKC, SA, alchemist
Fellowship of Isis, Temple/Lyceum of Isis of the Stars
Iseum of Ma'at and Djehuti, Scribe of Eternity
Iseum of Apollo and Artemis
Priory of the One Tree
Grove of Shasta Rising
Solar Iseum of Universal Alchemy

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